What We Do Well

We take pride in our work, and our commitment is to provide you with superior quality and exceptional customer service at a competitive price. As our customer, you have access to all of our fantastic services. Here you can see just a few of our favorite services offered at Dent Control.

Hail Damage Repair – Easy as 1, 2, 3

We want you to be fully informed the whole time. Below you can find the three phases of our repair process, helping you get a complete picture of the road ahead. Auto repair has never been easier.


File Insurance Claim

Call your insurance company and inform them that you have hail damage. In most cases, your insurance company will want to inspect the vehicle and write an initial estimate. Keep in mind that this is a quick estimate to confirm that there’s hail damage on your vehicle. This just gets the process started. We like to call this a “guestimate” because they are rarely accurate.


Call Dent Control

Insurance claims can be confusing. Dent Control has your back! Your Dent Control representative will explain your options and our process.


Schedule Your Repair

Call Dent control to schedule a repair. When you drop off your vehicle, Dent Control will immediately wash your vehicle and perform a detailed inspection. This process takes several hours. Once the detailed estimate is complete, we compare it to your insurance estimate. More times than not, we need to contact your insurance company to file a supplement. This “supplement” is the difference in cost between the insurance’s initial estimate and our detailed estimate. Dent Control will handle the process for you start to finish. Dent Control will repair your vehicle back to original condition. We typically not only repair the hail damage on your car, but most door dings and light damage. We promise your car will look better than it did before the storm!

Door Dings And Dents

Email us a photo of the damage and we can give you a quick estimate. We need to inspect the vehicle in person to give you an exact estimate, but we can give you a range of cost from your photo.

The Dent Control Advantage

Working with us has its perks:


We replace all damaged parts, trim, mouldings, etc. Many PDR shops do not.


Personalized service – Not “fast food” – We keep you informed throughout the process.


Extras! – We deliver every vehicle cleaned and waxed. We typically also repair most damage unrelated to the hail (door dings, scratches, etc.)

PDR Training

Years of Paintless Dent Repair experience has helped our team understand how truly powerful this repair methodology is. We see the benefits of PDR, and want to see others grow in this incredible trade. Because of this, we are offering training sessions for anyone interested mastering Paintless Dent Repair. If you are interested, or would like to learn more,
call 1-469-569-8633.